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The best bet to take is no bet at all

Don't let sports gambling fool you

About  Online Sports gambling

Sports gambling was legalized in 2018 and since that day over 30 states have created and enforced their own sports gambling laws. How it works is that companies create these sportsbook apps that allow you to deposit money into them. They create lines for all of the sporting events going on. The lines are determined by the sportsbook algorithm. Each line carries a weight for the likelihood of that outcome to happen. 


how They market sports gambling to us

These sportsbooks use certain types of promotions to entice you to start gambling. It includes risk-free bets in which you won't lose any money, matching deposit promotions, celebrity endorsers, etc. 

It's important to understand why sportsbooks use these kinds of tactics to get you to use their sites. They make it seem inviting and safe but they are just getting you onto the hook like a fish. There needs to be more regulations on these advertisements in order to prevent people from falling into the trap. 

Why twitter has been effective in promoting sports Gambling

-Twitter has been a popular social media for many years now. It offers unique features like the ability to post videos and pictures, share posts, join audio spaces to have discussions, and join communities under certain topics. A popular trend on Twitter has been for sports gamblers to share their plays. By doing this users are essentially promoting sports gambling for free in what is known as organic posts. This type of content is helping to sway the perception of sports gambling. 

-There is data collected by Business X that helps showcase how interactive Twitter has been with sports gamblers. They say that “Seven out of every 10 sports bettors are on Twitter, and 33% of bettors who rely on Twitter for betting information say they wouldn’t make as many wagers if it weren’t for Twitter. Sports bettors who use Twitter spend 15% more on bets annually compared to sports bettors from other platforms. And 62% of bettors on Twitter place wagers weekly, which is more frequent than sports bettors on other platforms.

The toll that sports Gambling is taking on the public

Several areas of life are being impacted by a problem with sports gambling. This includes dealing with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression due to problem gambling, financial problems like being in debt, and ultimately those who are developing an addiction to sports gambling. 

In a survey conducted by men's health over half of them said that sports gambling is negatively affecting their mental health citing problems such as increased stress, anxiety, and depression. 

20% of those surveyed are in some form of debt and another 20% admitted that more than a quarter of their paychecks go into sports gambling wagers. 

43% is an alarmingly high number and that calls for more regulation on gambling and there should be more done to promote resources that can help those affected. However, it is a positive sign that over half who believe they struggle with a problem are willing to seek help and another 21% have admitted they wish they were never introduced into sports gambling. 

Resources that can help

This is a list of resources that can help and that our campaign will work with. We hope to raise awareness of sports gambling problems and showcase the services these associations can provide. There is tons of money being spent to normalize sports gambling but not enough funding is being put into essential resources like these. As sports gambling inevitably grows over the coming years the need for help will also grow along side of it. 

This is the national association for problem gambling. Their main mission is advocacy. They want to provide resources for those who are affected by gambling addictions as well as set up preventative and educational programs in states where sports gambling is legal. 

This association is also an important one. It focuses less on advocacy and more on responsible gambling. It looks like sports gambling is here to stay so it is only right that those who do get involved in it understand tips on how to properly do it. This organization provides useful information on how to responsibly gamble like setting limits, taking breaks, and not chasing your losses. 

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